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Self Adhesive Lead Image
RegaLead Natural Lead is a high performance self adhesive lead strip manufactured under procedures and specifications laid down in ISO 9002 by RegaLead. The products are designed for permanent application to decorative interior or exterior glass surfaces in both single and double glazed unit applications.
European Hard Lead Came (by length) Image
European Style Lead Came:

Manufactured to give the look and feel that European glaziers are accustomed to, our European Lead Came is lighter in profile, giving increased lengths per case. Available in true metric sizes, with flat, oval and beaded leafs ranging from 3mm through to 25mm, hearts of 3mm through to 12mm, and a 1.2mm standard core. "Y", "U", "C" and capping sections are also available. European Style Lead Came is also available with a choice of material grades, soft, half-hard and hard.
Traditional Lead Came Image
Traditional Lead Came:

Manufactured using commercially pure lead, giving a look and feel ideally suited to both restoration and new work, this type of Lead Came is sized in English imperial sizes, with flat, round and beaded leafs of 1/8" through to 1 and 1/4", hearts of 1/8" through to 1/2", with a standard core thickness of 1.2mm. "Y", "U", "C" and capping sections are also available.
Please enquire if you would like any traditional lead came as we carry a variety of popular sizes and profiles.
Tools and Materials Image
Lead dykes are designed to cut lead either straight or at an angle like a pair of scissors. Our Lead Knife is designed in a half-moon for easy of cutting lead, it also has a weight on the handle for tapping in horse shoe nails. Horse shoe nails are available in shopping cart. Cement Brushes are used for applying the cement mixture into the gaps between the lead and the glass to stabilise and seal the project
Self Adhesive Film Image
Regalead films are printed onto high quality polyester base materials using UV stable inks and are easy to apply to glass, plastic and other materials. They are guaranteed not to fade, crack or delaminate.